Speakfully acquired by employee relations case management and workplace investigations leader HR Acuity

Tech With Zero Tolerance

A zero tolerance work environment is one that eliminates all forms of toxic behavior.
Below are ways we help organizations create an environment where employees feel safe and heard.

Anonymous Reporting

Anonymously report uncomfortable workplace experiences in our discreet, private platform. Speakfully’s documentation tool allows for complete anonymity as long as the user wishes, and takes extreme care in ensuring all information remains safe and secure.

Data & Analytics

Organizations receive data and analytics to learn what’s going on behind the scenes before it’s too late. These insights hold admins accountable to take action when needed. Depending on the Speakfully product, the data and analytics could be reports, feedback, or pulse survey results.


Workplace mistreatment cases often require more detail following submission. Once a report is submitted, employees and admins can further discuss a case anonymously and directly through Speakfully’s messaging feature. This ensures total transparency between leaders and those reporting.

Case Management

Gone are the days of opening multiple tabs and piecing together information. With Speakfully’s case management software, organization admins can track employee reports, feedback, survey responses and messages all in one place. 


Speakfully is here for you, no matter where you are. The products are accessible to all types of employees  — at an office desk, out in the field, on a phone, or anywhere in between. Pro+ users have the option to integrate with Auth0, GSuite, Okta, O365, etc.

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