How Speakfully Can Help


Speakfully helps HR teams better understand company trends, and take action with better transparency.

Trust: Demonstrate a commitment to a zero tolerance environment.

Visibility: Take a pulse on trends and take action, via HR Analytics dashboard.

Transparency: Define action plan, notifying submitting employee along the way.

Track: Easily follow the process of employee reports, once submitted.


Speakfully discretely guides the mistreated individual through the documentation process.

Free: No ads, no upsells. Speakfully will always be free for individuals.

Secure: Document details with confidence.

Capture: Log and attach situational details discreetly.

Support: Access crucial resources quickly and easily.

Why #Speakfullynow?

78% of employees face some form of unfair behavior or treatment at work. 

(Source: Kapor Center)

3 out of 4 women who experience harassment in the workplace never report it to a manager.

(Source: Forbes)

43% of 2,000 employees surveyed want a new job—corporate culture was the main reason.

(Source: Hays)

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