The Start of Speakfully

Meet Jana—CEO and Co-founder. Like so many others, she experienced workplace mistreatment. She started Speakfully so nobody ever would again.


Meet the Speakfully Team

Jana Morrin

Co-Founder & CEO

I genuinely care about people and aim to help others in need on a daily basis, my dog is my best friend, I enjoy the mental clarity exercise gives me, and lastly, I love food, especially if it involves cheese.

Zach Halmstad


I wake up everyday trying to help my hometown of Eau Claire, WI be the best it can be. I love traveling and seek out great food and coffee everywhere I go.

Nandini Easwar

Head of Engineering

I am passionate about nurturing talent and enabling others to succeed. I function best under the influence of caffeine and sun. I find my kids’ laughter contagious and they make my life important. I am also a big foodie who enjoys working out with battle ropes.

Katie Wilkinson

UI/UX Designer

Music, the outdoors and food are my happy place. I’m design obsessed and love creating something beautiful. I love experiencing new things and pride myself on making an amazing cocktail.

Ro Toussaint

Cloud Engineer

I get the most satisfaction from meeting and talking to people from different walks of life. I love working out, eating bad food, and reading about the history of conquest and cultures around the world.

Kristen Leach

Software Engineer

I’m a mom of two, an avid DIYer, a sci-fi fanatic, and a music lover. I love our National Parks, and I spend a nice chunk of the year soul-searching in Yosemite. Give me good whiskey and Japanese food and I’ll be your best friend.

John Granlund

Software Engineer

I'm an avid gamer, media consumer, and all around nerd. I love finding new restaurants to eat at, and new excuses to travel. Just looking to explore the cultures of the world and to find new places to scuba dive.

Jacob Bass

Software Engineer

I am a father of one, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, and a lover of music. I spend most of my free time either with my friends and family, studying, or at the gym training. I love to travel and find adventure any way i can.

Jen Conaway

Account Executive

I am convinced doing everything with 100% heart and passion is the only way to fly. My intention is to be pivotal in the movement of changing company cultures for the better. The universe takes care of us when we are kind to one another, so let’s be kind!

How We're Redefining Work

Work from anywhere! Working remotely gives you the freedom to work where you want.

Our unlimited vacation policy allows employees to take leave as they need.

Amazing medical and dental coverage. We’ve got you covered!

Flexible work schedule to accommodate your busy life.

Our team is filled with fun, creative, and passionate people. You’ll want to go to work!

Savings and investment plan allows you to save money and invest in your choice of investment options.