Modernizing the Anonymous Hotline

Speakfully is a workplace mistreatment documentation and reporting platform that modernizes the concept of the anonymous reporting hotline, bringing it up to speed for today’s workplace and worker.

Empowering HR Teams Through Data

Speakfully showcases company culture trends in real-time, by providing actionable data before issues turn into crises, helping teams address employee concerns more promptly, and organizations operate more justly and transparently.

By participating in our beta program for teams, you will:

Gather data to help your HR team gain insights into cultural trends and potential workplace mistreatment issues
Gain early access to all the enterprise features at up to a 60% discount
Provide input to help us shape the future of Speakfully
Be at the forefront of HR tech and join us in the movement to improve employee well-being in the workplace
Help your HR team to cultivate a supportive, safe, and comfortable company culture.