Building a Better Workplace Culture

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The #MeToo movement triggered a reckoning in the entertainment industry that sent shockwaves around the world. As news of these high profile scandals spread, people across industries began coming forward with their own #MeToo experiences, demonstrating the pervasiveness of these cultural problems.  

While these conversations are finally bringing real problems to light, the unfortunate truth is that sexual harassment and other lesser-known types of workplace mistreatment, like gender bias, implicit bias, and age discrimination, are still happening every day, at all levels of employment and across industries. In fact, one in five U.S. adults have experienced sexual harassment at work1, and 75% of all workplace harassment goes unreported2. 

Beyond harassment, 78% of employees face some sort of unfair treatment at work3. These incidents which often exist in the “gray areas” between discomfort and harassment can be difficult to navigate and understand before feeling ready to formally report to HR or leadership. The trend of not documenting or reporting harassment sadly means that toxic, unsafe workplace environments can develop and persist without company leadership having the insights to enforce lasting cultural change. 

Something needs to break the cycle. There are diligent HR professionals and company leaders working to improve workplace cultures, and specific awareness and understanding of these issues is a powerful first step, but what else can be done? 

We created Speakfully to turn the tide on workplace cultures in which lingering apprehension and intimidation around having open and honest conversations about mistreatment persist.

Speakfully offers employees and employers a tool to combat workplace biases, discriminations and toxicity. This support, validation and documentation platform will empower both employees and employers with a method to ensure everyone feels safe, secure and comfortable at work. Stable workplace environments not only improve employee well-being, but also productivity, retention and growth. A healthy workplace culture means better business, for everyone—and it starts with each member of an organization feeling free and empowered to speak fully.

As almost-daily news reports of systemic abuse, harassment, bias, or discrimination continue surfacing from nearly every industry, we think of the countless individuals, likely still holding on to incidents they’ve seen or experienced in the workplace, and how much better things could be if company leadership had actionable knowledge of these issues. Clearly, there’s plenty of work to be done today to change workplace cultures for everyone.

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