Speakfully Insider: Angela Grant

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Welcome to Speakfully Insider, a weekly series featuring thought leaders on important topics surrounding workplace mistreatment, company culture, workplace safety, social justice, and more.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Angela Grant. I’m the Chief Legal Officer at Palomar Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLMR). 

What was the driving force for you to pursue a career in law and work in equal rights and social justice within the workplace?

I have wanted to be an attorney since I was 12 years old. I love resolving disputes and solving business challenges. I feel absolutely honored to work in the insurance industry and to be a part of Palomar’s leadership team. After the social unrest of last summer, I really dug deep to figure how I could positively contribute to creating opportunities for equality and social justice reform. Through meditation and prayer, I received two messages: 1) “Do all you can where you are”; 2) “What was old will be new again”. The first message was confirmation that my social justice contribution would be through my work in the insurance industry. The second message reminded me that community is a big part of creating security and financial stability.

How would you describe workplace issues involving mistreatment decades ago to the current environment?

In my opinion, workplace issues involving mistreatment are less likely to occur in our current environment (as compared to decades ago) because there are state and federal laws in place to protect employees. In addition, corporations have strong leaders in human resources and legal and they encourage employers to be good corporate citizens.

Describe the typical series of emotions a victim of mistreatment experiences.

The series of emotions I went through in my personal experience of workplace mistreatment included shock, denial, anger, frustration, courage, and resolve.

In your opinion, what attributes to the growing proportion of workplace mistreatment cases becoming public?

In a phrase, “social media outlets”.

What steps do you believe will help in making workplace mistreatment and fear of retaliation a thing of the past?

In my opinion, making sure employees have a safe place to express their workplace concerns and employers ensuring there is a culture of accountability and professionalism help to make workplace mistreatment and retaliation a thing of the past.

If you could sit down with a historical figure to discuss equal rights and social justice, who would it be, what would you discuss, and why?

That is a great question. I would love, love, love to sit down with Claudette Colvin, the high school student from Montgomery, Alabama who first refused to give up her seat on a city bus which led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I would want to learn more about Ms. Colvin’s life and what gave her the courage to push against social norms and segregation. The reason I would love to meet Ms. Colvin is because she represents Courage with a capital C.
Reference: https://www.womenshistory.org/resources/general/montgomery-bus-boycott.

Where may people reach you?

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/agmlaw42/