The Employee Benefit You Didn't Know You Needed

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It's that time again... open enrollment season. And planning employee benefits for 2021 might look a little different than previous years – with both the global pandemic and social unrest presenting unique challenges for HR professionals. 

if there was ever a time to truly reevaluate the needs of your employees... it's now. And we don't just mean healthcare options. While health benefits will always be a top priority for business leaders and employees alike, today's employees are looking beyond traditional benefits. The typical 9-5 job with a decent salary and health benefits is no longer enough. The modern employee wants and expects more. Even more, employees want a place where their voice can be heard.

That's where Speakfully comes in. More and more, employees stay employees when trust, transparency and safety are at the core of organizational values. Sure, salary and health benefits matter, but so does humanizing the employee to employer relationship. When employees feel like they're just a number or a name on the roster, loyalty dips. It's when they feel individually cared for and supported that engagement, productivity and retention improves. 

When giving employees a place to speak up you're also giving them the following:  


One of the main reasons employees don't come forward about workplace experiences is fear – specifically fear of retaliation and fear of the unknown. For example, what happens after reporting an incident? Is there a non-retaliation policy? Will those involved be required to mediate together? Will their claim be taken seriously? How will the employee be notified of action taken? Speakfully helps bridge the gap between employees and leadership with safe documentation processes and transparency from HR every step of the way. By introducing a documentation and support platform like Speakfully to your team, you’re making a public proclamation that you are serious about putting a stop to potential—or actual—mistreatment at work. And as you know, an employee that trusts and believes HR is there for their benefit is an employee you are able to help.

Transparency & Support 

You might be reading this and thinking "but my organization has an anonymous hotline to report workplace issues." Ok, great – but how does an anonymous hotline really help your employees? Firstly, the word anonymous says a lot. If an employee will only report a negative experience anonymously, it shows that they don't feel safe coming forward in person. By offering a tool that supports streamlined communication directly from the employee to employer, you're establishing a culture of transparency. You're saying "it's okay to speak up." When using an anonymous hotline, however, employees have no idea what happens once their report is submitted – or even if it's received at all. Your employees deserve insight into how their report is being handled. Speakfully takes the guesswork out of reporting workplace mistreatment with built-in notifications sent to the employee every step of the way. Now that's transparent!

Psychological Safety

Say what? Psychological safety is defined as “a shared belief that a team is safe for interpersonal risk taking.” And no, that doesn't mean showing up 45 minutes late and hoping your boss won't notice – it means creating a supportive, trusting atmosphere in which employees can feel safe feeling vulnerable. When making a mistake at work, our initial thoughts can often be fear or guilt. You're afraid of getting in trouble or worried about what your team might think. But mistakes happen and are actually necessary for growth and success. So instead of faulting people for mistakes, normalize them. Your team will only feel okay making mistakes and taking chances when they feel comfortable owning up to failures.The idea of psychological safety doesn't only pertain to work performance, it also applies to individual emotions and experiences. So, not only do you want employees to be able to speak up when they need help with tasks, you also want them to feel able to speak up for themselves—or a teammate—who is facing mistreatment.

Speakfully provides a platform for employees to express their concerns or bring more pressing cultural issues to light, in a way that allows them to gradually work their way up to full transparency that comes with disclosure.

Strong Work Culture 

What all of this adds up to is cultivating a workplace that’s more transparent, trusting, and communicative. AKA – the type of culture employees will want to be part of. When employees feel safe and supported at work, not only are they more inclined to stay with the company longer and perform their best, but also speak positively about it outside of the office. This could translate into an improved overall reputation, including being viewed as a great place to work by both current employees and top candidates. 

So, why Speakfully? By creating a workplace in which everyone feels safe and supported, you’re making an investment in your company’s most valuable asset-its people. On the heels of open enrollment, keep up with the competition by giving your workforce a benefit they really need – the power to speak fully.