Why Use Speakfully?

Speakfully’s discreet and user-friendly suite of documentation, reporting, and support tools can drastically alter the conversation around mistreatment in and out of the workplace. So, what are you waiting for?

How it Works: For Individuals

Don't wait to speak up. Whether you are feeling bullied, isolated, harassed, or simply uneasy; start using Speakfully at the first sign of distress or confusion.

Step 1: Create Experiences

Speakfully is easy to use - and you can document an experience in a matter of minutes. Log in to your account and begin logging entries at any time. You can make as many folders as you want, and add to existing experiences along the way.

 Tip: Be as detailed as possible and provide supporting documents when applicable; for example, screenshots, voicemails, emails, or images.

Step 2: Export & Share

Once your experience(s) is fully documented, you have the option to export your experiences for your personal files. For work related experiences, take action by delivering your printed or electronic file to your HR team.

 Tip: Review your entries! We know you may be eager to submit your experiences, but be sure you’ve included all important information before exporting.

Step 3: Feel Supported and Secure!

Only you can see your experiences until you decide to share them - and if you're looking for guidance through the process, Speakfully provides a library of support resources.