Analyze and Track

On a continuous basis, analyze and track real-time data on trends experienced within your environment, prior to or post submittal.

Receive Submitted Folder

Get notified once a new folder with employee experiences have been submitted to organization.

Update of Folder Status

Ability to update a folder’s location within a greater action plan, providing transparency into the process for employees.

Review Submitted Folder

Review logged experiences within the submitted folder & investigate as needed.

Take Action

Inform employee of completion of folder review and action taken accordingly. Option to export folder for files prior to its deletion from database.

What Our Customers Say

We’ve had a couple instances in the past that would have been much easier to deal with if we would have had Speakfully in place. In addition to the message (we don’t put up with poor treatment of peers) we want to send to our colleagues, Speakfully also offers us an additional sense of security—if people can speak up sooner, we can act sooner, before small problems become big ones.

Speakfully is incredibly cost effective, and has been very easy to administer thus far. In addition we’ve already seen numerous platform upgrades that have enhanced the value delivered to our colleagues.

Your Privacy Is Our Top Priority

We know Speakfully is only as useful as your data is secure. We take extreme care in ensuring that your information is safe. To learn more about our privacy measures, click here.